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Legacy Measurement Solutions is leading the market in terms of sales of engineering and measuring equipment as well as production and processing equipment used in oil and gas industry, wellhead through midstream and transmission. Producing oil, Legacy is aiming to secure the volumes so there is balance between economic viability and sustainable resource use. Following the reorganization carried out in July 2013 amid a number of changes that took place in the industry, the company officially altered its name to become Legacy Measurement Solutions, Inc instead of JW Measurement Company it was known as before. We offer specialized products, such as ultrasonic stations and wellhead measurement stations, individual and standard measuring tubes, LACT units, gas production units, pressure control skids and ASME vessels. Legacy is therefore advantageously positioned, manufacturing most of the equipment it needs to use in oil and gas production, electricity generation, etc. This translates into lower expenditures, autonomy and independence from other producers. We provide services to our clients in the US states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico, Colorado, Louisiana, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Ohio and North Dakota.

Legacy Measurement Solutions does not seek to simply make profit or expand production. First and foremost, it is committed to its global mission of supplying consumers with natural gas, other types of energy products and their by-products together with the relevant equipment in a way that is reliable, efficient and well-balanced.


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