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This segment of the industry is where oil and gas is transported from the E&P production sites to downstream processing plants. At Legacy™ Measurement Solutions, we know accurate measurement of these products during custody transfer is critical to any midstream and gathering operator’s profit. That’s why we pride ourselves on providing quality packaged custody transfer measurement solutions.

Legacy Measurement Solutions offers a wide range of product capability for midstream and gathering operations. From meter tubes and skids to LACT units, line heaters, separators and more. Browse our standard product lines below or call us today to discuss how our custom applications might better serve your business.


• Orifice Meters

• Ultrasonic Meters

• Coriolis Meters

• Positive Displacement Meters

• Turbine Meters

• LACT Units

• Regulation & Control Skids

• Separators

• Line Heaters

• Filter/Coalescer Separators

• Dehydration Units

• Sweetening Units

• PIG Launchers & Receivers

• EFMs

• Solar Panels

• Custom Applications

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